The 7805 is a fixed voltage linear regulator that outputs 5V at up to 1A current with an input voltage range of 7 – 35V.

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Product Description

  • Constant +5V output regulator to power microcontrollers and sensors in most of the projects
  • Adjustable Output Regulator
  • Current Limiter for certain applications
  • Regulated Dual Supply
  • Output Polarity-Reversal-Protection Circuit
  • Linear regulators have less ripple on their outputs compared to DC-DC converters that can be used for the same basic purpose,
  • However, the trade-off is that the linear regulators also tend to dissipate more heat in the process.
  • The reason is that the linear regulator uses a series pass transistor on its output to drop the excess voltage.
  • The power dissipation of a linear regulator is dependent on the difference between the input voltage (Vin) and the output voltage (Vout) along with the amount of current that is being drawn from the regulator.
  • The larger the voltage difference is between Vin and Vout, the higher the power dissipation will be which limits how much current can be drawn from the device.


7805 Voltage Regulator Datasheet

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Output Voltage 5V
Output Current 1A
Input Voltage Max 35V
Input Voltage Min 7V
Number of Pins 3
IC Function Converts any voltage to 5 Volts

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