Heat Sink Set for Raspberry Pi (Blue)

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This is the heat sink specially made for Raspberry Pi 4B . It contain 3 piece. They will provide better heat dissipation for Raspberry Pi so that your  Raspberry Pi may work better and longer. 

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  • The Heatsink have a layer of adhesive on the back of them.
  • Simply peel the adhesive off and stick onto your board.
  • This Heatsink set is specially designed for Raspberry Pi.
  • It’s function is to cool down the board and make your Raspberry operate safely Reduce the risk of hardware failure because of overheating.
  • Install instructions: Make sure the chip modules are free from dirt and grease Peel the protective liner on the base of the Heatsink Affix the Heatsinks on the chip modules and apply firm pressure One set of aluminum Heatsink.

Package Included:

  • 1 X HeatSink Set for Raspberry Pi (Blue) (3PCS)
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