HAKKO 900M-T-I Soldering Iron Tip

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Hakko 900M-T-I Soldering Iron Tip Shape-I. This type has a thin conical end and is an ultrafine tip which is best suited for soldering at narrow pitches.

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  • Tip Temperature
    • High soldering temperatures can degrade the tip.
    • Use this lowest possible soldering temperature for each particular job – the Hakko soldering station’s excellent thermal
    • Recovery characteristics unsure efficient and effective soldering, even at low temperatures.
    • This also helps protect the soldered components from thermal damage.
  • Cleaning
    • Be sure to clean the tip regularly with a cleaning sponge because oxides and carbides
      from the solder and flux can form impurities on the tip.
    • During the soldering process, these impurities can transfer to the soldering joint where they can result in defective joints or reduce the tip’s heat conductivity.
    • This will impair the conductivity of heat, causing the tip temperature to increase and damaging both the tip and the board.
    • When Not in Use, never leave the soldering iron idle at high tip temperatures for long periods of time as the tip’s solder plating will become covered with oxide, which can greatly reduce the tip’s heat conductivity.
  • After Use 
    • wipe the tip clean and coat the tip with fresh solder. This helps prevent tip oxidation.

Package Included:

  • 1 X HAKKO 900M-T-I Soldering Iron Tip 

Additional information

Dimensions 4.2 × 0.5 × 0.5 cm
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