Energizer 12V A27 Alkaline Battery

  • They can be used in watches, calculators, toys and more.
  • This pack contains a single battery.
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Product Description

The A27 12V Alkaline Battery from Energizer is made for household electronics that may require high pulse rates, as found with RF remotes used in keyless entry and garage door openers. The Energizer A27 Battery is an alkaline-manganese dioxide battery that provides long life for your electronic devices.

• Chemistry: Manganese Dioxide (MnO2) • Capacity: 18 mAh to 6.0 volts (rated at 20k ohms at 21°C) • Output Voltage: 12.0 volts
Weight 0.008 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 2.9 cm

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