Electric 4-Child Protected 2 m Group Socket

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NE-AD Electric 4-Child Protected 2 m Wired Switch Grounded Group Socket

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  •  With the development of technology every day, the need for electricity is increasing in proportion. Group outlet is an extension cable that allows you to take advantage of a single outlet, as many electric currents as the number of phases it is on
  • The 4-pack socket with the key has a 2 m extension cable.
  • You can use the electrical cable that is suitable for the group outlet at any length, the quad group outlet after plugging in the multi-outlet
  • The outlet has a switch on which you can control the electrical current.
  • Thanks to the on/off switch on the multi-socket, you can always allow or block the group outlet, electrical current
  • Groups with switch switches should not be covered with any objects above the socket.
  • The group socket covered may be damaged and may have bad consequences.
  • Multiple sockets that need frequent maintenance need to be checked with a control pen at regular intervals

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