Ceramic Resistor 33 Ohm 7 Watt

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Ceramic Resistor 33 Ohm 7 Watt

A ceramic resistor is an electronic component that is used to limit the flow of current in an electrical circuit. It is made of a ceramic material that is typically composed of metal oxides such as aluminum oxide or titanium dioxide. The ceramic material provides the resistor with high temperature resistance, stability, and low inductance.

Ceramic resistors are commonly used in electronic circuits that require high accuracy and stability in their resistance values over a wide range of temperatures. They are also able to handle high power levels, making them ideal for use in power supplies, amplifiers, and voltage regulators.

Ceramic resistors are available in various sizes and power ratings, and their resistance values are often color-coded to make it easy for users to identify them. They are also available in different shapes and configurations, such as axial lead, radial lead, and surface mount.

Ceramic resistors are widely used in electronic devices and systems, and their performance and reliability make them a popular choice for a variety of applications.



  • Color: White
  • Resistor Size: 22x9x5mm
  • Lead Diameter(Approx.): 0.7mm
  • Resistance Value: 0.33Ω
  • Power Rating: 5W
  • Material: Organic solid (Cement)
  • Resistance Tolerance: ± 5%
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