7447 DIP BCD To 7-Segment Decoder

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7447 DIP BCD To 7-Segment Decoder / Driver With 15V Open Collector Outputs

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  • 7447  decodes BCD into 7 Segments, which means it accepts a binary coded decimal or BCD Values as input and decoded into a pattern that drives a 7-segment for displaying digits 0 to 9,
  •  Its input is 4 lines BCD data and generates complements as output.
  • The generation of complement data of BCD is internally so no coding or programming is required to generate it.
  • The 7447 are Low Power Schottky BCD to 7-Segment Decoder/Drivers consisting of NAND gates, input buffers, and seven AND-OR-INVERT gates.
  • They offer active LOW, high sink current outputs for driving indicators directly.
  • Seven NAND gates and one driver are connected in pairs to make BCD data and its complement available to the seven decoding AND-OR-INVERT gates.
  • The remaining NAND gate and three input buffers provide lamp test, blanking input/ripple-blanking output, and ripple-blanking input.
  •   If the input data is decimal zero, a LOW signal applied to the RBI blanks the display and causes a multi-digit display.
  • For example, by grounding the RBI of the highest order decoder and connecting its BI/RBO to RBI of the next lowest order decoder, etc., leading zeros will be suppressed.
  • Similarly, by grounding RBI of the lowest order decoder and connecting its BI/RBO to RBI of the next high- est order decoder, etc., trailing zeros will be suppressed.
  • Leading and trailing zeros can be suppressed simultaneously by using external gates, i.e.: by driving RBI of intermediate decoder from an OR gate whose inputs are BI/RBO of the next highest and lowest order decoders.
  • BI/RBO also serves as an unconditional blanking input.
  • The internal NAND gate that generates the RBO signal has a resistive pull-up, as opposed to a totem pole, and thus BI/ RBO can be forced LOW by external means, using wired-collector logic.
  • A LOW signal thus applied to BI/RBO turns off all segment outputs.
  • This blanking feature can be used to control display intensity by varying the duty cycle of the blanking signal.
  • A LOW signal applied to LT turns on all segment outputs, provided that BI/RBO is not forced LOW.
  • Large Voltage range
  • Has open collector output which directly drives the indicator
  • Has a wide range of operating conditions
  • No need for external resistors because of internal pull-ups
  • No high-speed termination because of the input clamp diode
  • 4 the number of input lines and 7 output lines

7341117447 Decoder Datasheet

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