7400 DIP Quad 2-Input Logic NAND Gate

7400 IC has four NAND gates. Also each gate has two inputs. Hence name QUAD TWO INPUT NAND GATE.

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Product Description

  • The Logic NAND Gate is one of the most commonly used logic gate types, therefore, it is generally classed as a “Universal” gate.
  • Moreover, You can also use NAND Gate to produce any other type of logic gate function.

  • In practice, the NAND gates form the basis of most practical logic circuits.
  • By connecting them together in various combinations, you can form the three basic gate types of AND, OR and NOT function using only NAND gates.
  • The IC has four NAND gates in it.
  • Each gate can be used separately.
  • Where high speed NAND operation is necessary, this chip has less transition times, which are needed for high speed applications.
  • You can use 7400  in high frequency systems.

7400 NAND Gate Truth table:

7400 NAND Gate Datasheet

Operating voltage range +4.75 to +5.25V
Maximum supply voltage 7V
Maximum current 8mA
Maximum ESD 3.5KV
Typical Rise Time 15ns
Typical Fall Time 15ns
Operating temperature 0°C to 75°C
Number of pins 14
Number of gates in single IC 4

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