3D Printer Diamond Hotend Multicolor Nozzle 0.4mm

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EGP 790.00

Product Description

  • 3 pcs inputs for 1.7 mm filament
  • Common 0.4 mm nozzle orifice
  • Smallest possible mixing chamber for minimal waste and fast color change
  • Cutout for standard 40W heater cartridge and leaded thermistor
  • 3 pcs threaded mounting holes for state of the art E3D v6 series cold-end
  • Combined mounting bracket and air guide for optimal cooling by a 50mm high-efficiency fan
  • Optional pendant for attaching a 5015 blower fan for extrudate cooling
  • Weight of assembled hot-end: 250 grams (nozzle, HeatSinks, cooling shield, fan, heater cartridge & thermistor)

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