2-IN-1 Wire Cable Stripper With Wire Cutter


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Product Description


1-Place cable between cutter blades and close handles fully.


2-Clamp prepared Cable between front blades,against the Cable-stop for the length to be stripped ,using as reference millimeter scales laterally positioned (adjustable 2mm to 30mm)

3-Turn the Dial in clockwise for Thicker wire insulation and in counterclockwise for thinner wire insulation.Adjust the best optimum position.

4-Press on Handles,Cable is locked by external jaws while the insulation is lightly cut without damaging the conductor.The complete closing of the Handles operate a sliding action of the blades that remove the insulation.

Package Included:

  • 1 X  2-IN-1 Heavy Duty Adjustable And Self-Adjusting Automatic Wire Cable Stripper With Wire Cutter ( Cutting / Stripping )
  2. Applicable wire stripping range 0.2mm~6mm
  3. Self-adjusting mechanism according to wire size provide excellent wire stripping W/O damaging the conductor.
  4. Adjustable stop for consistency in wire strip lengths. Replaceable blade system.
  5. Strip 8mm widths Flat Cable also applicable.
  6. Simple adjustment Dial for blade pressure according to the thickness of insulation.
  7. Light,handy and excellent durability.
Weight 0.218 kg
Dimensions 17.2 × 8 × 1.5 cm

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