Audio Amplifier Module (LM386-Adjustable Gain)

Audio Amplifier Module (LM386-Adjustable Gain)

DHT22 Digital Temperature And Humidity Sensor Module

DHT22 Digital Temperature And Humidity Sensor Module

ESP8266 5V Wifi Relay Module

5V WiFi relay module carried a ESP8266 WiFi module and microcontroller.It will send the serial port instructions to the cell phone APP and Implementation within the local area network (LAN) for wireless control relay.



This module is ideally suited to controlling larger voltages in your project through WIFI. This is a 1 channel relay module which can be used to activate up to 250V AC and 30V DC. This allows you to build in device control, operating remote lights or triggering systems when the module is supplied with a signal from an ESP8266 module (included).

The module has and LED that lights relative to the state of the module. A red power activation LED that lights when a signal is received on the IN pin. When a signal is received a audible click can be heard as the relay triggers, connecting the output pins.

The relay is controlled via the included ESP8266. This will require configuration via UART to prior to full operation. Once it is programmed and powered it will look after itself, making it ideal for use in internet of things "IOT" based projects.


1. Onboard ESP8266 wifi module,In AP mode, it can be connected by 5 clients at the same time.

2. Wifi relay module has two work modes:
(a) Cell phones carry on the wifi module directly
(b) Cell phone and wifi module carry on the same router

3. Transmission distance:
(a) In the open environment, the maximum transmission distance is 400m when the cell phone carry on the wifi module directly 
(b) When the wifi module and cell phone carrying on the same router, the transmission distance depend on the router’s signal intensity

4. Onboard 5v, 10A / 250v AC 10A / 30v DC relay, absorb 100000 times continuously
Module with diode effusion protection, short response time

Pin connection:

TX Transmit
RX Receive
5V 5V
NO Open until triggered
COM Common
NC Closed until triggered
IN- 0V
IN+ 5V

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